Lastly Nike SB Dunk Low SE Russet Cedar Multi Camo Asymmetric Mandarin Duck DH0957-100

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Lastly Nike SB Dunk Low SE Russet Cedar Multi Camo Asymmetric Mandarin Duck DH0957-100

As one of the most popular styles this year, Nike's "low dunk dunk" will continue to expand its product range-this may mean a different use of the original style. Following the black "multi-camouflage" dunk low-back released in February, there is another pair of Nike SB Dunk Low SE Russet Cedar Multi Camo shoes with a mixture of various camouflage prints-but a lighter approach overall. This new addition to the Nike dunk family consists of a "sail" textile base covered with patterned leather. In the cover layer of each pair of shoes, the choice of camouflage is different to create a mismatched appearance. However, both pairs of shoes have sporty "vintage green" accents to balance the prominent warm-toned camouflage prints. Dark green is applied to leather elements such as Swooshes and lace, as well as textile components such as socks and tongue tags. A white rubber sole unit is located at the bottom, and the outsole is colored the aforementioned green to complete the multi-camouflage appearance.

Nike's "First Use" series of sportswear aims to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the birth of this check mark, but it has become one of the largest series in this category in recent years. Nike Air Max 97 White Court Purple Black ,Although the Nike Air Max 97 has appeared on the roster before, it has recently appeared in a reminiscent color of "blood orange" with a close hue. Unlike the iconic design of Christian Tresser of the past, this pair of upcoming shoes is obsessed with a mix of suede and canvas panels. A "colorless" arrangement falls between the tongue and sole, with the collar, the underside of the tongue and the pull-tab on the heel, which is black. Similar to the other claims under the "first use" slogan, the latest Air Max has some retro-style logos, the most obvious example appears in the middle of the sole; on June 18, 1971, the debut of this sneaker was printed on Right below the old logo on this side of the sneaker.

New Jordan With only a few days away from the Tokyo Olympics, Nike has turned most of its attention to basketball, running and skateboarding, offering many innovations in all three categories. Although Lucha Libre is not the mainstay of the Summer Olympics, they have recently attracted people's attention because they have put on a theme suitable for the ring in the upcoming Air Max 90. What happened next was essentially a tangible wrestling match, with feet representing different themes and different masked fights. The title on the right is "Los Rudos" (Los Rudos), which uses materials from the entire quarter and emphasizes its black patent. Elsewhere, the lace unit and the upper half of the midsole match have the same tone, separated by a white grid and a smooth covering. In addition, the image of Lucha Libre painted in yellow and blue sits proudly on the heel, while the pair on the left-called "Los Tecnicos"-reflects the same graphics on the inverted palette.