How to get your Ranged Cape fast: OSRS Chinning Guide

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What exactly is Chinning? It's a good question. Chinning is the term used to describe using Chinchompas (a only for members of the ranged equipment item that deals damage to an area) against a particular type of foe (skeletal mad monkeys) to gain massive amount of experience in a sin


They are selected due to their low defense and their tendency to gather, which allows players to take on a lot of enemies simultaneously. Red Chinchompas are a costly but extremely useful animal to throw as a weapon that can be thrown from a distance, that can damage multiple enemies within the same area. The goal is to gather the most monkeys possible in the area that is in front of you as is possible in order to destroy as many as you can simultaneously, causing high damage to a variety of enemies simultaneously and offering an unbeatable experience.

The most difficult of combat abilities to learn in the old-fashioned Runescape is the Ranged. Damage increases faster than the Magic ability and you must make use of consumables, which is different from Melee combat abilities - it's the most difficult of both. But, it's also among the top highly desired skill caps partly due to the top-of-the-line benefits you can get from PvE combat, partly for the beautiful equipment that you can get for it, and partly due to the fact that it is difficult is to master. But there's a way to get it done. that most players have heard about for speeding up your high-level Ranged training to up to 250,000 exp per hour . Chinning. What exactly is the term "chinning? What can you do to use it efficiently, and what can I do to get my 90-99 within a matter of one month? This week I'm writing an OSRS Chinning Guide: everything you need to know about how to obtain the Ranged Cape fast.


There are other items you need to consider prior to going into this endeavor. Prayer potions and the capability to utilize protect from Melee can be beneficial for defensive players of low level, however when you are able to withstand the harm for a longer time, a range prayer boost might be the best option since it will make you more level. It's yours to make. You'll also need various potions that are ranged and food. The reason for this is simple and based on the number of prayers you make use of and the purpose for which you need them for, you are able to mix and match these items however you'd prefer. If you have the money make sure to fill up all of your potions with potions as you can. In addition, you may want an eagle, which will stop enemies from causing trouble while playing the game.



For the actual training itself, you're likely be going towards your Ape Atoll tunnel. There are a variety of methods to reach it easily however the easiest is to call home to Lumbridge then head towards Al Kharid, travel to the Grand Tree and then speak to Daero and then Waydar and then head towards Crash Island, and finally talk to Lumdo to get towards Ape Atoll (which can only be reached after the player has successfully completed Monkey Madness I). Whew. It's not as difficult as it seems and there's an opportunity to gain teleportation by completing Recipe for Disaster. After you've completed it once or twice, you'll be able to remember it for the rest of your life. When you're on Ape Atoll, the entrance to Kruk's Dungeon is located in on the North West corner of the island, within the jungled zone west of Marim. It's located under some grass that grows in the trees. It's close to the glider zone, you can see some vines in the ground, and the entrance is hidden close to the tree.


After you've been underground, it's time to switch on your run and protect yourself from the melee. Run as quickly as you can to the south-central tunnel located on the second level of basement. A crucial aspect to consider is it's collapsing, which means you're trying to get to a location in which monkeys still rage towards you, but also where you are able to stand under the "safe" zone, where you're protected by the ceiling to protect you from falling debris. There are several caves in the tunnel, but my personal favorite is located in the vast open area to the north of the open area. The top of the cavern that covers your player, and you'll know that you're in the right spot.


The trick to chinning effectively is to make sure that your monkeys' anger at you for as long as is possible and keep them in the front of you. In this particular area it is easiest to move between the southern-westernmost safe tile to the northern-easternmost safe tile. This ensures that the highest amount of monkeys aggressing you and keeps them close to you. The central monkey should be attacked constantly.


Another strategy is to move bones around and stop them from stacking. If two monkeys die on the same square and the bones fall, they will drop and pile up, and only one of them can respawn at one time. To avoid this it is recommended to regularly take and drop the bones that are stacked on another square in order to ensure that you have the highest amount of monkeys reproducing for you at the same time.


Sometimes, monkeys will be a bit more calm towards you and leave you completely. To combat this, go through the next part of the tunnel till you meet more monkeys, make them angry towards you, return back to the spot you prefer to churn.



That's it! This method could earn up to 300k exp/hour with maximum prayers and ranged bonuses as well as 200k or 250k if somewhat affluent, maybe not making the most of your time as you can, but watching your favorite shows in a split-screen mode or something. In one way or another it's possible to go from to 92-99 within a matter of one month if you're an avid player . And surely, it's the most efficient method to become a skilled player regardless of what type or player. I hope you've enjoyed my OSRS Chinning Guide.