553558-128 Cheap Air Jordan 1 Low “Shattered Backboard” Basketball Shoes

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553558-128 Cheap Air Jordan 1 Low “Shattered Backboard” Basketball Shoes

Cheap Jordan Retro Yesterday, a piece of news caused an uproar in the sneaker circle: the famous sneaker custom designer Warren Lotas was sued by NIKE! Nike Air Force 1 The cause of the incident was earlier this year, Warron made a custom-made model based on several classic Nike SB Dunk colors, including "Jason Voorhees", "Stüssy Cherry" and "Staple Pigeon". After these shoes were published on the Internet, they caused a lot of controversy, questioning their copyrights. Soon afterwards, Nike formally sued Warren Lotas in the Los Angeles District Court.Everyone knows how popular sneaker custom culture is now. "Customization" is now a default secondary creation behavior in the sneaker circle. It actually helps the further development of sneaker culture to a certain extent. Many excellent custom sneaker groups are also because of their works. It’s a win-win situation to get the opportunity to formally cooperate with Nike. But why Warron was sued, this matter must be strange.

NMD For Sale From Nike's prosecution file, we can see some clues. In the document, Nike focused on Jeff Staple's Dunk "NYC Pigeon", also known as the "gray pigeon", this pair of shoes was also customized by Warron not long ago. Nike pointed out: "Nike SB Dunk Low "NYC Pigeon" is a shoe model that announced the birth of sneaker culture." And it directly stated that you have made a lot of fakes with reference to other Dunk shoes in the name of custom. We all I'll let you go, but this pair of "grey pigeons" is the face of our Dunk shoes. It's not what you want to customize, not to mention you are still on the market.And Nike sued: "Warron is trying to use Nike's registered Dunk word mark, Nike's registered Dunk clothing, and a trademark similar to Nike's famous Swoosh design to use this confusion to promote and sell his fakes." These shoes, from design to sale, were not approved by Nike, and they were completely fakes.

2020jordanshoes Through litigation, Nike hopes to protect its intellectual property rights, requiring Warren to compensate three times the losses, and to repay litigation and attorney fees from Warren’s sales. Finally, Nike hopes that Warren will hand over shoes, clothing, digital files, packaging, printed graphics, marketing materials, business cards, signs, labels, advertisements, flyers, press releases, or any other items that confuse people. At present, the official Warren Lotas has been closed and there is no information. The other party involved in this event, Jeff Staple, was not embarrassed, but was silently shut down by Nike's social media account. Does this mean that the 15-year partnership between the two parties ends here?We can accept the tribute brought by the "second creation", but using this as an excuse to carry out such a clumsy plagiarism or even attempt to make a profit is a means of disrespect for the brand. What is a tribute and what is fake? .