God of War Ascension Game Review and What To Expect in the Game

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In this game you will be taking the perspective of Kratos as you venture through the land of Attica.

To those of you that have followed the legendary saga of Kratos most of God of War looks and feel the same. Incredibly detailed characters and impressive environmental interactions are right at your fingertips as you look to bring on the power of the Gods. In addition to this, you will encounter some new big time boss fights that force you to utilize new know-how in addition to your skillful maneuvers in order to beat these challenging opponents. Needless to say that this game that is the prequel to God of War 2 and Final Fantasy 13 looks to be something that is not to be missed.

In this game you will be taking the perspective of Kratos as you venture through the land of Attica. This is a place that has seen many miracles performed in recent events. It is a goal that has been attained and is well worth achieving. But as you progress throughout the game, you will start to find things are not as simple as they seem. The storyline of God of War: Ascension breathers you through most of the game as you maneuver Kratos through the land of Attica. The Immortals are a faction that has connections to the Greek Gods that range back to the bronze age. However, it is mostly due to the Priest Psamathe Fashion that has guided them through these years that has seen them grow and become strong.

As you progress through the game you will realize that the "War" that Kratos fights is not against the gods. In fact, he is quite Heavenly compared to the gods that he battles. The gods that Kratos encounters tend to be aware of his activities and are actually loyal to the cause. Of course this causes Kratos to be retaliate with a series of actions that arelip to the gods.

This games beta revealed the fact that Kratos has the ability to absorb the souls of slain beings thereby making him stronger and gaining some of their abilities. The absorbed powers or souls can be used by Kratos to a maximum strength that is beyond what the usual absorption power can give him.

The revealed plot of the game is that Kratos was seeking the truth behind the reason that the golden immortals kept appeared in Attica. He wants to know if he is missing the reason behind that odd occurrence that he experiences when he goes to that land. It is mostly known that the reason behind the golden immortals habitually appeared in Attica is that they are protecting a scrolls and a tablet that is very powerful. The scrolls in these feats have been planted there in the first place by the Titans. The fact is that the Titans have been acting like Gods in recent times. And it has been ranged attacks with a god that is not working in favor of mankind.

The plot of God of War: Ascension revolves around the main character Kratos. He seeks the help of the Gods against the menacing hordes of enemies. By following clues and clues he has been able to narrow down the clues in his efforts to unlock the meaning of the clues. And by following the meaning behind the clues Bible has been able to unlock the meaning of the past as well as the present. God of War: Ascension is a game that has been released in the role playing mode only. There are some exciting features expected in the game that is to be seen in the gaming experience.

The visuals in the game will be stunning to say the least. Just from a gameplay perspective, the game looks better than anything that has been released previously. The graphics are sharp and vibrant looking like the game was produced by a real artist working on a PC. The cities look intricate and like they have been drawn by hand. There are different settings in the game that were drawn by the same person because the game is heavy on the graphics. The visuals will be as good as anything that has been seen in a handheld game.