OSRS Achievement Diary - Things to Be Attained In Achievement Diary

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The OSRS Achievement Diary is the latest feature to this Old School Runescape game. It is a collection of challenges you can complete to earn points, certain items and much more. If you're looking for something new to your RuneScape life This could be the perfect solution for you.

There are 17 tasks to conquer There's plenty to do with your time on OSRS. You'll earn an XP lamp for each accomplishment diary. Two pets are unlockable after completing all tasks within one set of diaries: A cat named "Slomo" and a pet rock named "Rock.'


Achievement Diary


It is the Achievement Diary is a one-off set of tasks only available to members to complete to earn rewards and other advantages. Each diary is comprised of tasks that are usually linked to specific areas, designed to test players' abilities in these areas. There are twelve diary available.



The tasks in each category are divided into four categories according to their level of difficulty: Easy Medium, Hard, and Elite. The easiest tasks usually do not require any special skills to finish.


However, the majority of higher-level quests require a high learning curve for those who wish to master to master the specific location. For instance, Tzhaar Fight Cave's difficulties that require you to be aware of what obstacles are in the way prior to tackling the challenge.




If you're looking for a fun method to earn money Try completing all achievements diaries. When you complete these quests, you will be rewarded players with an cyan trim on their Quest cape, and 99k coins for each diary that is completed.


This is a good option If you're looking to get rewards completed quickly, but not concerned about racking every ability up. There are levels to be reached prior to starting difficult or elite challenges, which usually require a greater range of skills which makes those choices simpler to achieve.


It is essential to finish each task of a level before moving on to the next level. If you fail to do this, the reward will not be available until the task is complete or completed.


Achievement Diary Cape

The cape for the achievement diary is available to those who've completed the entirety of the Achievement Diaries. It was purchased by Twiggy O'Korn at Draynor Village for 99,000 coins and was accompanied by an cape and hood.


Achievement Diary Taskmasters

We have added a brand new NPC that acts as a taskmaster in every diary. The ability to locate the taskmasters' location is crucial in the beginning of diaries and when claiming rewards. Here is a brief description of where each taskmaster may be located, along with their name and appearance.


Rewards for Diary entries

For every Achievement Diary that you complete you'll receive a variety of rewards. With an easy, medium, difficult and an elite set of tasks for 10 different diaries the rewards you can earn in this update is massive. This is why we cannot detail each reward in this news article.


Access to a new red chinchompa hunting grounds Access to new red chinchompa hunting ground Western Provinces diary - Hard reward


After completing the difficult tasks of after completing the difficult tasks for Western Provinces diary, you are granted access to a brand new red chinchompa hunting area. The hunting ground is guaranteed to be tranquil and free of competition since only the best tier of hunters will be allowed to use it.


The ability to work with Edgeville furnace Edgeville furnace - Varrock diary - Simple reward


When you have completed the simple tasks listed in the Varrock achievement journal, you'll be granted an access pass to the Edgeville furnace and the chance of melting two bars simultaneously up to the level of steel using the furnace.


Each time you complete a series of Varrock tasks you complete you will have the possibility of melting bars increases to an additional level of bars. The medium diary will allow you to have a 10% chance of melting mithril bars. Hard allows you to purchase it for adamant, and elite lets you get it to runite.


F2P Worlds and instanced bosses

To handle the recent surge of new F2P players, we've temporarily changed 3 member worlds into F2P. Worlds 335, 301 and 326 have been converted to F2P. The worlds will be altered to F2P at the end of in the next week, after we've been able to create additional F2P worlds.


One of the issues that a lot of players faced in reducing the number of worlds that they could join was the difficulty in finding an open world to take down the Kraken. To address this issue, an online poll will go later today, offering access to an in-game Kraken cave. This will permit anyone to take on Kraken at any given moment without being worried about the competition.